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VoIP Videos
VoIP 101 for Business: What sellers & buyers need to know 

Telecom author Steve Shepard gives a detailed  & frank analysis of what telecom agents and channel partners need to do in order to successfully distribute VoIP solutions to small businesses. Sponsored by XO Communications. Recorded August 2006 at the channel Partners Expo. 39 minutes. Video #001.

Go2Call: Powering VoIP Brands Worldwide

This Go2Call corporate video provides a succinct overview of Go2Call, its wholesale hosted VoIP solutions and the people who make, sell and support them. Produced by Go2Call. Posted to GoogleVideo September 2005. 6 minutes. Video #002.

Asterisk VoIP: The do-it-yourself, open source solution

Kevin Rose of Revision3 is joined by John Todd, a well known, leading Asterisk expert, to introduce you to the amazing VoIP world Asterisk, the open source VoIP telephony toolkit. In this episode, Kevin and John take you through the installation and configuration of this powerful tool, and show how it can be used to give anyone complete control over their phone experiences, such as voice over Wi-Fi, eliminating phone costs, choosing from hundreds of VoIP providers, creating your own voicemail and menus, and numbers that follow you - just to scratch the surface. 47 minutes. Posted to GoogleVideo February 2006.

VoIP Demystified - Using Eggs

Andy & Sean (two Canadian guys from who like to do videos that show people how technology stuff works) give a pretty good beginners overview of how VoIP works (or doesn't) using eggs. the video shows how to set up consumer grade VoIP with Vonage or Skype. A good beginning for those who need to start at the beginning.

VoIP Headlines
VoIP converts say good riddance to Centrex Leasing Centrex phone lines could be wasting money and holding back advanced telephony Computer World 9/20/6
VoIP is here to stay Is VoIP reliable? Scalable? Ready for prime time? Network World 12/6/6
How to roll out 180,000 VoIP phones Bank of America's Craig Hinkley walks us through massive deployment, shares lessons learned Network World 12/6/6
Vonage loss narrows, revenue more than doubles Vonage, said its net loss narrowed to $62 million, or 40 cents per share, from $66 million, or 48 cents per share, in the same quarter of 2005. Reuters 10/31/6
VoIP providers face headaches galore Providers of voice over Internet Protocol services face yet another regulatory issue. Lawyers Frederick M. Joyce and Christine McLaughlin say VoIP service providers have very little time to get up to speed with new FCC regulations. CNET 10/2/6
DirecTV tests IP telephony As part of joint venture, company to test a Net-based phone service for residents of apartments and condominiums. DirecTV is set to test an Internet phone service through its joint venture with Hicks Holdings as it tries to head off competition from cable operators using bundled services to attract and retain customers. 9/7/6 CNET
Skype phones sans the PC Skype on Thursday announced new cordless phones that will let users of its Internet phone service make calls without a computer or Wi-Fi connection. CNET 8/31/6
Call centers ramp up VoIP Though adoption hasn't climbed as swiftly as predicted, the outlook for growth is still positive, report says. Almost half of the call centers in North America will use voice over Internet Protocol systems by the end of next year, according to new research. CNET 8/18/6
Study: Net telephony quality worsening While it's no secret that Net phone services don't offer the same call quality as traditional phones, a new study suggests that the quality of voice over Internet Protocol is actually getting worse. CNET 8/6/6
Local VoIP numbers, international cell calls Imagine being able to use the hundreds of spare local minutes you get with your cellular plan toward international calls. CNET 8/6/6
Seven Ways to Get Cheap Calls Internet services have multiplied your choices for phoning across the country, or across the world, inexpensively -- sometimes for free BusinessWeek 7/21/6
Open Source Takes on Telecom Digium CEO Mark Spencer explains how he's woven freely available software into a low-priced phone system for businesses BusinessWeek 7/21/6
VoIP: Quality is still a big concern With Net telephony poised to hit the mainstream, experts say issues with service quality need to be worked out. CNET 7/21/6
Microsoft takes on Cisco with Nortel alliance The gloves are off as Microsoft challenges Cisco Systems in the corporate communications market. CNET 7/21/6
CEO Guide to VoIP: Tip Sheet Surviving the changeover to voice over Internet protocol can be tricky, but with these do's and don'ts, you'll be all set. BusinessWeek 7/13/6
Internet Telephony: Coming in Clear Companies are upgrading old phone networks to reduce bills and add features. But cost savings can take time, and IP systems aren't risk-free. BusinessWeek 7/13/6
Call China For Free From any Mobile or Landline A rather anonymous website at tells visitors that by dialing 712-338-8288 or 641-696-3188 (Iowa based phone numbers) they will get a second dial tone that allows them to call China for free.  Google Ad 7/13/6
Packet8 Offers Free Activation & Shipping Thru 7/31/6  An email newsletter distributed through TMCnet states that businesses that order the Packet8 solution by 7/31/6 will get free activation & shipping (on top of saving 50% on their phone bill). Email 7/13/6
Former Sprint Wholesale Services Executive VP Art MacDowell Joins Aptela Assumes responsibility for Aptela's channel sales including Wholesale, VAR and Master Agent programs and accelerating Aptela's growth via expanded channel partnerships. VoIP Magazine 7/11/6
Microsoft's Stepped-up Call to Business Armed with fresh products and partners, the software giant is opening a new front in its effort to dominate how professionals communicate. BusinessWeek 7/6/6
Vonage targets big-business customers Vonage is targeting large and medium-size businesses with its new V-Phone, a USB flash drive loaded with VoIP calling software. CNET 7/6/6
A teachable moment for Net telephony A small university in Rhode Island takes a chance on VoIP, including about 2,700 IP-based phones for its students. CNET 7/6/6
Moodys:  VoIP No threat to Euro Telcos The ratings outlook for incumbent European telecom companies is stable and new technology, like Internet-based telephone services, poses little threat to the sector, according to a Moody's Investors Service report released on Thursday. Reuters 7/6/6
vonage v-phoneVonage V-Phone: why bother? I've been doing some back-of-the-napkin number crunching about whether or not it makes business sense to buy a Vonage V-Phone. 6/27/6
Microsoft announces plans to make a broad push into the business-telephone market, including desktop phones and videoconferencing devices designed by Microsoft and sold by partners, with some available as soon as June 2007. The plan sets the stage for Microsoft to take on other giants, such as Cisco, Avaya & Nortel in the industry march to replace traditional phone systems with more flexible and cheaper Internet technologies. 6/26/6
Microsoft Wants Your Office Telephone The founding vision for Microsoft Corp. was a computer on every desk, each one running Microsoft software. The next dream is every office phone. Microsoft Monday announced a broad initiative into the business telephone market, including desktop phones and videoconferencing devices designed by Microsoft and sold by partners, with some available as soon as June 2007. Microsoft software programs would link the new phones to computers so that they can handle voice functions, such as making a phone call and receiving voice mail. (subscription required) 6/26/6  archive
Microsoft's big IP telephony play Offering enterprise customers a full-blown communication system integrated with Office desktop software might give Microsoft some competitive advantage over established IP telephony vendors. It's not clear, however, if large companies are ready to trust Microsoft as a source of telephony, particularly when these users believe that other vendors may be capable of doing a better job working across multiple platforms. 6/26/6
Microsoft Plans to Blend Phones With Computers 6/26/6 archive
IP-PBXs For SMBs: From Avaya to Zultys Solid performance and features from four IP-telephony packages designed for small to medium businesses. Business Communications Review 6/20/6
WEBCAST - Challenges and Solutions for Voice over Wireless LANs. NetworkWorld & Trapeze Networks 6/20/6
WEBCAST - IP Telephony Reality Check: A real world look at the costs & benefits of VoIP. NetworkWorld, ShoreTel & Nemertes 6/19/6 
Kimberly-Clark's VoIP Plan for 200 Sites K-C consolidates voice traffic for more than 200 sites into three data centers applying a conservationist's approach to its VoIP and IP telephony plans. 6/19/6
Enterprise VoIP Success Case study where SMB goes beyond Vonage to find a more scalable solution; adding intelligence to the phone. 6/19/6  
Users: Hybrid PBXs Work Cost savings, features outweigh wholesale TDM-to-IP upgrades. While the industry pushes IP as the future of telephony services, network professionals who manage business phone networks say hybrid IP/legacy PBXs are helping introduce productivity gains and cost savings without forcing networks to undergo dreaded R&R - as in "rip and replace" - upgrades. 6/19/6
Business VoIP Comes of Age Henry Kaestner, CEO of shares why the company recently signed an agreement with Sylantro Systems and CompUSA to distribute its VoIP services through the retailer's chain. IT Business 6/19/6
Is Your VoIP Phone Vulnerable? Security experts warn that attacks on Internet-based calling systems—though rare now—may be just around the corner. Businesses, be ready. BusinessWeek 6/16/6
eBay tests Skype/VoIP calls for customer service Online marketplace eBay said Tuesday that its U.S. auction business plans to incorporate its Skype Internet telephone-calling service, setting the stage for a new wave of online customer service. Reuters 6/16/6
Universal Service fees to raise cellular, VoIP bills? Consumers would likely face higher wireless and Internet telephone bills under a plan that could be approved by the U.S. Federal Communications Commission next week, sources familiar with the matter said Wednesday. Reuters 6/16/6
AD:  See What Your Voice Can Do  A flash video ad by Avaya pitching IP and other Avaya solutions that was seen on  Watch the animated adView the ad landing page after clicking on the ad.  BusinessWeek/Avaya 6/13/6 

Nine Tips For Deploying Enterprise-Class VoIP Whether to deploy VoIP is no longer an issue --- it's something you have to do. But there are a lot of high-level steps you need to take before deploying. It's not just technology you need to be concerned about. In fact, say many experts, hardware and software may be the least of your problems. It's the business issues you should be concerned with most. Which issues are important --- and what to do about them? We've talked to several  experts, who offer their advice. Brett Shockley, CEO of Spanlink Communications, a consultant in VoIP solutions based in Minneapolis, suggests the following ... 6/12/6

The Inside Story of A Million-Dollar VoIP Scam  A Miami man allegedly defrauded Internet voice providers to the tune of $1 million, with a sophisticated hacking scheme. Here's the inside story of exactly how he did it. 6/8/6  
Six Reasons Not to Deploy VoIP There's plenty to like about VoIP. There's also plenty to hate. While VoIP vendors are good at touting the former, they tend to ignore the latter. Here, then, are six "gotchas" picked up over the years of deploying and reporting about all things VoIP-related--none of which will eliminate the technology from your business' consideration, but all of which must be accounted for when you consider the technology. 5/22/6
Shifting to VoIP: The SMB market for VoIP This supplement focuses on opportunities and tools in the VoIP arena, including a report on how SMBs are the sweet spot for hosted PBX services and a side-by-side comparison of hosted PBX suppliers and their partner programs.  In this supplement, you'll also find an introduction to new appliance-like IP PBXs you can offer to your small business clientele; VoIP System Anatomy 101 for partners new to next-gen solutions; and new VoIP products from Cistera Networks, Signate, BroadTalX, Vertical and more.  Phone+  5/9/6
VoIP: Are we there yet? Even in these times of rapid technology development, changes in consumer behavior can be a maddeningly slow process. Anyone who's followed the emergence of IP services since the late 1990s has endured a steady diet of hype surrounding voice over Internet Protocol, or VoIP. The dream for VoIP enthusiasts has always been the retirement of the dinosaur-age public switched telephone network in favor of a more dynamic, connectionless network using the Internet Protocol. CNET 3/16/6
The ROI of VoIP A step-by-step guide to determining the true cost and benefits of VoIP. When it comes to VoIP, most network managers are satisfied that the technology works. The challenge is developing cost analyses: What will the new technology cost to roll out and support, and what benefits can companies expect to reap? NetworkWorld 7/11/5
Business VoIP Case Studies
Brooklyn Brewery chooses M5 Eric Ottaway wasn't happy with the phone service at his company, Brooklyn Brewery. The system often dropped calls, and customers complained of static on the line. Maintenance costs ran $1,000 a year.
Bryant University chooses Cisco "Shift to a single VoIP network has boosted productivity 15 percent among students and 30 percent among faculty, while setting it up to save $265,000 in annual costs after a four-year recovery of the initial investment."
Kimberly-Clark chooses Avaya
Quaker Chemical chooses Avaya
C360 chooses Zultys
WireSpring chooses Switchvox
Grae Ventures chooses BandTel
Southern Company chooses Asterisk IP
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VoIP Training
Sep. - Oct. NACR & Avaya Roadshows Many cities
Oct. 18 Getting-in & Staying-in the VoIP Business Denver

CEO Guide to VoIP
15 mins
 Jeff Snyder of Gartner


Microsoft's VoIP Play
10 mins
 Tom Cross of TECHtionary
referenced article

VoIP Stats & Quotes
VoIP Cost Justification  Elizabeth Herrell, of Forrester Research, says VoIP can help generate small savings that add up to significant sums when spread across an enterprise. Using the example of just one application, Herrell studied the benefit of reduced messaging time to reach coworkers. She said 59 percent of workers estimate that eliminating the need to send multiple messages to a landline, cell phone or mobile device when a worker's whereabouts are unknown could save two to five minutes per contact. Apply those savings to a company with 3,000 employees and the savings on unified messaging alone total roughly 36,800 hours per year. Article 7/6/6
Cisco held 19.8 percent of the enterprise voice market during the first quarter 2006, compared with 16.4 percent by Avaya and 10.9 percent by Nortel, according to Synergy Research Group. 7/6/6
58,000 companies and 70 percent of Fortune 500 companies use Cisco's VoIP technology, Cisco says very few use it companywide. 7/6/6
16 million phones, less than 5 percent of the base of business phones used in the world, are based on VoIP, according to Cisco. 7/6/6

VoIP Tutorials
Sample Phone Tutorial flash animation by TECHtionary
VoIP in 60-seconds flash animation by TECHtionary
VoIP Dealer Tutorials flash animation  by TECHtionary
  Why SMBs buy VoIP PDF white paper  by TECHtionary
Asterisk Open Source PBX Tutorial The power of a telcoasterisk open source PBX tutorial switching complex into a commodity PC. TechRepublic 7/21/6
What is VoIP? Rafe Needleman takes you through VoIP 101.consumer voip tutorial He shows you the different flavors of Internet phones available now and looks at Voice over IP's possible future. CNET 7/21/6
VoIP vs. traditional telephony Why is making a phone callvoip 101 tutorial over the Internet more efficient? 7/21/6
SIP  for Dummies Avaya archive copy

VoIP Tests test that gives you the inside track to understanding how many VoIP phones you can support, evaluates the quality of your Internet connection and provides insight into your firewall configuration. Click here to test your connection for VoIP

Brix Networks offers VoIP tests for both voice & IP video at their site

Podcasts & Webcasts
Referring VoIP Phone Leads 5/19/6 Robert Patlan, Gsolutionz

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How to sell Avaya VoIP phone systems with Gsolutionsz. 16m33s
Data Gathering & Phone System Prospect Survey PDF
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Data Gathering & Phone System Prospect Survey 6/15/6 Dan Baldwin, TelecomAssociation

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Background & how to use the "Data Gathering & Phone System Prospect Survey". 23m03s
Data Gathering & Phone System Prospect Survey PDF
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SMB VoIP Review 6/12/6
Tom Cross, TECHtionary

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History & current acceptance of SMB VoIP. 14m16s
supporting white paper PDF
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WEBCAST - IP Telephony Reality Check: A real world look at the costs & benefits of VoIP. NetworkWorld, ShoreTel & Nemertes 6/19/6 

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XO Communications
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Non-screened VoIP Vendor Directory
VoIP Call
M5 Networks
All Tel Networking
Metro Telecom
Zia Communications
Alliant DataTel
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Asterisk & Digium
Intuitive Voice
Soft Telecom
The VoIP Connection
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